The Art of handling values

Because irreplaceable valuables belong in the best hands

hasenkamp is an owner-operated family enterprise in ist 5th generation. Since it was founded in 1903 we have developed into a logistics specialist for particularly sensitive and highly valuable freight-forwarding and storage services. We are regarded as the market leader for this niche business.

On the basis of this specialisation, our staff of a bout 600 employees, transfer their entire know-how from dealing with valuables to all hasenkamp business areas (such as fine art, high-tech and B2B/B2C logistics, removals/relocation and archives). This enables us to guarantee the highest quality and safety standards as well as discretion throughout all projects.

A valuable history

As long as hasenkamp exists, we handle the valuables we are entrusted with in the same way - with highest discretion, absolute professionalism and of course unrestricted security.

The beginnings from 1903

The history of hasenkamp begins in 1903 as a family enterprise. In the following decades the business flourishes. The Second World War temporarily halts operations. But soon after the end of the war, hasenkamp resumes its forwarding business.

The reconstruction after 1945

With the onset of reconstruction, the cultural exchange at a national level began to regain importance. Soon after, a strong demand for cross-border transport services between Germany and the neighboring countries emerged. hasenkamp was commissioned with forwarding German art between Paris, Moscow and Leningrad.

The expansion from 1955

In 1955 hasenkamp establishes its first branch in Bonn.

In 1960 the vehicle fleet has already grown to 20 vehicles. The company then takes over the delivery of goods for Kaufhof AG in Cologne and Bonn. hasenkamp becomes an area forwarder for IBM and is in charge of the distribution of complex computer equipment.

In 1965 the company sets up its own carpenter shop and fitter's workshop in Cologne for manufacturing special packaging. At the same time, another branch is established in Frankfurt am Main near the airport.

In 1970 further branches are set up in Hamburg and Munich.

In 1975 the branch in Berlin commences operations.

The new era in the 80s and 90s

The expansion of the family enterprise continues and since the end of the 80s, hasenkamp has been owner-operated by the 4th generation of the family.

The growing demand for logistics concepts for particularly high-quality and sensitive valuables turns hasenkamp increasingly into an international enterprise. In order to cope with more demanding requirements at the start of the 90s, planning commences for a completely new logistics center, which is not only capable of dealing with the increased transport volumes but also the high safety and security requirements. 

In 1994 following the completion of all construction measures, hasenkamp moves into the new building in Cologne-Frechen.

The successful present

After more than 111 years of history two things remain unchanged:

We are still a family enterprise and continue as your discrete partner providing you with forwarding and storage services for sensitive, highly valuable goods and cultural artifacts.


Following, our guiding principle:

If you don't move with the times, you get left behind.

It therefore goes without saying that we exclusively offer our customers certified quality in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 and 50001:2011 as well as in compliance with the international FAIM standard.


However, the highest international standards are just the basis for excellent logistic services for a company that is able to count the most demanding clients amongst its customers.

Place your trust with us. Contact us.

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