Fine Art Logistics

Fine Art Logistics

The Art of handling values

Our favorite work-wear: silk gloves

Our trained staff is always prepared for new challenges, whether this involves forwarding individual artworks or complex movements of entire collections that are handled on a national or international basis.

Our service portfolio for museums, private collectors and institutions include:

  • Installation of art objects / cultural artifacts
  • Exhibition architecture
  • Wall installations with patented hasenkamp – suspension system
  • Handling of large sculptures
  • Setting up work
  • hasenkamp Variosystem / Vario suspension system
  • Security systems for sculptures
  • Installation of moveable partitions / moveable suspension systems
  • Light Installation 
  • Entire depot relocations
  • IT inventory management
  • Depot organisation
  • Restoration support
  • Insurance services

For detailed information feel free to contact us at any time. 

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