Systems Logistics B2B / B2C

Systems Logistics B2B / B2C

The Art of handling values

New Values

When it comes to delivering commodities, quality and schedule effectiveness have top priority. These values are our tradition, and this is what we have proved over decades when working for renowned trading houses on a day-to-day basis. We take their goods on stock, fix a delivery date with the final customer, commission the consignment, deliver the goods to the point of use and collect the bill, if desired. This is our bread-and-butter business.

But we have more to offer. Thanks to our value added services, the end customer can use the newly purchased goods immediately.

Our skilled staff will professionally take on the assembly and setting up a new kitchen, the installation of a hifi and tv set or connecting the washing machine to the power and water supply - and all this from one single source.

Of course, we take care of the waste disposal and disassembly of furniture and old devices. Goods need to be returned? This is an integral part of our service and not an issue for us.

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